Hybrid Eyelash Extensions – Lash & Dash by Rebel Gold

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Lash & Dash by Rebel Gold offers Classic Eyelash Extension Treatments ranging from our super popular Hybrid set, to the Ultimate Hybrid Sets for maximum impact.

Hybrid Set of Eyelash Extensions

The Hybrid set involves both classic and individual eyelash extensions and volume fans mixed together for the ultimate in fluffy, textured lashes. Also referred to as a "mixed set", they offer a thicker denser look than classic lashes, but without the uniformity and softness of a typical Volume set.

Hybrid sets are great for those who are wanting to test out Volume without fully committing , or for anyone with naturally sparse lashes or gaps within their lash line - that volume lash fans can cover the gaps for a fuller lash line. Staggered Hybrid lashes are one of our most popular styles - with all ages.

Ultimate Hybrid of Eyelash Extensions

The Ultimate hybrid set is a perfect choice for those who love a Kim Kardashian lash look. With 30% more lashes than the hybrid set, Ultimate hybrid eyelash extensions offer density and darkness without weighing down the natural lashes – with a mixture of classic individual lashes and volume fans, this set is all about drama! Though most popular in the Kardashian/Jenner staggered style, Ultimate  hybrid lashes are flexible and look fantastic in all styles e.g. doll eye with longer lash extensions in the middle of the eye. Due to the amount of lashes, Ultimate  hybrid sets tend to last longer than hybrid or classic sets – this means that they’re also a great beauty investment before you jet off on holiday or head to that special event!