Lash Saver Bedtime Eye Mask - Funny – Lash & Dash by Rebel Gold

Lash Saver Bedtime Eye Mask - Funny

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This Lash Saver comes in 9 comical designs on a Black Lash Saver Mask.

- Ask Dad

- Fuck Off

- Back up buttercup

- Lashes

- Dreaming Big

- Rise & Grind

- Shhhh!

- No Way Rose'

- 5 More Minutes

Protecting Your Investment and Your Natural Lashes
Eyelash extensions can be expensive, so why not maximize their life with this 3D contoured lash mask? It can help keep eyelashes protected and intact while you sleep.

Make Improvements to your sleep
This product isn't just for lash extensions; it’s light weight design and silky-smooth finish also promotes relaxation and better sleep. Blocking out light from your bedtime can help reduce stress. Perfectly indented to fit around your nose, it blocks all light and allows for easy breathing.

One Size Fits All
Designed with a fully adjustable, hair-safe head strap, this sleep mask can comfortably fit around all head sizes without losing its shape or snagging hair.

Luxurious Comfort
Breathable and soft on the skin, the fabric used to construct this eye mask is perfect for sleeping. Wearing this mask will not be something uncomfortable you put up with to protect your lashes, but rather, something you look forward to using.

    Hand wash in cold water separately and air dry flat.

    Do not dry clean, tumble dry or iron.